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B for … Budget

Amit: Hey Sarvajeet. How are you man?  Long time no see. Sarvajeet: Hey man, I am fine. What about you? Amit: Everything is ok man. Sarvajeet: ok? Something is wrong. Tell me what happened? Amit: Nothing man. I was just checking my bank statement i.e. all my transactions, expenses and withdrawal and I suddenly realized that I Read More

Factors that determine car insurance premium

Amit: Neha, after understanding about car insurance, types of car insurance and general exclusions in car insurance policy, we would like to know more on insurance premium i.e. factors considered by insurance companies while calculating premium and how to save insurance premium. Sarvajeet: Yes Neha, In short, we want to know “Tricks of the Trade” Read More

All about Term Insurance

Sarvajeet: Thanks for the information about riders in life insurance. Tanay, as I said earlier, I want to know about each and every type of Life Insurance policies. This information will help to purchase appropriate life insurance policy.   Tanay: Yes Sarvajeet. First we will start with Term Insurance.   As I said earlier, Term Insurance Read More

Everything about Car Insurance

My friend Amit now knows about Mutual Fund, share market and currently learning technical analysis. Recently, he decided to buy a car. He was very happy and excited. It was his dream to buy a car with his hard-earned money. So he called me other day and told me this news. I congratulated him and Read More

Introduction to Chart Patterns and Reversal pattern part 1

Amit: Xavier, our discussion on technical analysis is turning out to be more and more interesting. Previously we have discussed about support and resistance and trend line. Now next is chart pattern correct? Xavier: Yes Amit, but before we begin, we will discuss about chart pattern basics, types of chart pattern in brief and we Read More

Trend Lines –Trend is your friend

 Sarvajeet: Xavi, many times I hear this line- “The Trend  is your friend” . How can trend be our friend ? Amit: This sounds funny. I have heard this line- “You are against all and all are against you” Sarvajeet:  Amit, dont be  pessimist. Amit:  I thought I am realist. Xavier:  Guys, May I inturrupt Read More

Support and Resistance

Sarvajeet: Xavier, after understanding about stock charts, now it is chart patterns. Correct?  Xavier: Sarvo, wait. Before we understand about chart patterns, it is important to understand about support and resistance and trend line.  Amit: Support and resistance? It sounds difficult to me. Hope this is simple.  Xavier: Don’t worry Amit.  It is simple.  Now Read More

Introduction to stock charts

Sarvajeet: Xavier, previously we discussed about introduction to technical analysis and you said charting is foundation of technical analysis, could you please tell us in details on charts. Xavier: Sarvo, as I said, charting is foundation of technical analysis, charts are objective and do not lie. It is most important tool for understanding what is Read More

Notes 4 Exam Introduction

I have been writing articles on personal finance on simplifiedfm from last 2 years. You will find articles on Mutual Fund, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Share market (Fundamental and Technical) ,about tax planning and financial planning. This post is different and no way related to personal finance. It is about one of my concepts that Read More

What is Technical Analysis?

Sarvajeet: Uncle, till now we have discussed various topics related to Share market. But uncle there is one more thing missing. i.e. Technical Analysis.  Many times I have heard terms related to technical analysis  such as support, resistance, ADX, MACD, Trend line, bar charts, candlestick, open interest, patterns, formations etc. and I always wanted to know Read More