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Investment Avenues for Retirement Planning

Investment Avenues for Retirement Planning

This is Part 2 of All about Retirement Planning series. As we have seen in our previous article that early you start saving, more you will be able to save. But what exactly are our investment options. Let's check out: Mutual Fund: A mutual fund is a professionally managed Medium or vehicle that pools money Read More

All about Retirement Planning (Part 1)

Wait wait wait… Are you talking about Retirement planning? Man, Kal Kisne Dekha hai? (Who has seen the future?) And there are other important things to be taken care of. There are other important goals that I want to achieve and I do not have money and even time to think about this Retirement planning thing Read More

All about Retirement Planning (Part 1) post image

Joint Home Loan- Another way to achieve your dreams

Joint Home Loan

 Sarvajeet: Uncle, you have covered almost everything in Home Loan section, but there is one thing that I want to ask you. That is about Joint Home Loan. I think, this is another way to attain your dream i.e. buying your own house. We are living in the era where home pricing are skyrocketing and beyond Read More

Home Loan and Insurance

Home Loan Protection Plan (HLPP)

Sarvajeet: Uncle, till now, we have discussed various aspects of Home Insurance. But I have one real life scenario in my mind. Amit, you will be shocked after listening to this scenario. It happened like this; one of neighbours – Mr. Shyam brought a new house, and he had taken home loan worth Rs. 40 Read More

Documents Required for Home Loan

document Checklist for home loan

Amit: Uncle, till now we discussed about everything about home loan i.e introduction, basics of home loan, floating vs fixed interest rate, tenure of loan, how EMI is calculated, and prepayment of home loan. But uncle, in order to get your home loan approved by banks and other housing finance companies, you have to submit Read More